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人會老去... 當心靈承受不到重量時,那刻你有想過墜落嗎?





 "Falling of Torso"

We all grow old.... The moment the heart gives way under the onus, have you ever felt like gravitating? With eyes closed, I stay at the windowsill for a long time. The sun is shining though my skin, turning my blood translucent, while time slips away one frame at a time. When I mould this clay torso, my imagination tells me it may collapse anytime; but when the body is about to be melted by the high heat, it solidifies with the sudden drop in temperature, pausing forever at that very instant.





“Parting beneath of the moon”

Long long time ago, humans tell time by observing movements of the sun and moon.

Sunlight beams, starlight shines.

Succeeding one another endlessly... forever and ever.

Did you... ever recall a moment in the childhood, we were running around innocently with beautiful moon hanging in the sky.

Oh dear moon! Once again, let me listen to the lapse of time...

In "Falling of a Torso”, Poon combined clay with other materials, allowing them to gradually assume human-like forms during the firing process, resulting in twisted, crawling, or standing figures. He also sought to explore the possibilities of ceramic sculpture through other mediums. One of his works, “Parting Beneath of the Moon” combines ceramics with light and shadows, showcasing a completely different stage effect.


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