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Poon Fai Wong, Nick (1984 - )

A ceramic artist, obsessed with creation, active in local and foreign ceramic

exhibitions. Art works collection by Hong Kong Heritage Museum and personal.

Creative Concept

Nick focuses on the relation human being and their spirit within, aiming to explore this relationship through the natural ingredient, clay, and various pottery techniques and installations. Wheel-throwing and sculptures are the basic techniques he employs to explore his own circumstances and delve into the interdependence between the human psyche and physicality. He aspires to start from himself and extend outward, reflecting on the human mind, body, and even the world itself.  



Hong Kong Art School, Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art (Ceramics)


Hong Kong Art School, Higher Diploma in Fine Art (Ceramics)



<The Collectible Art Fair>,  PAO Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong

< Memory & Dialogue>, Group exhibition  Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre


<同你有親>,  Art home Gallery, Hong kong


<Intimacy in the Distance>, PAO Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre, HK

​<Stream>, The Gallery by SOIL, Hong Kong

 < PH7 >, Harbour Art Fair, Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel,Hong Kong

< Our Stories, Memories in Clay >, St James, Hong Kong


< Claylaboration – Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition >, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Hong Kong

< The 3rd Guangdong Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition>, University City Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China

< Secret Garden >, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, HK


< Deep Silence > , PAO Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre, HK

< Encounter > , Exhibition of the Contemporary Ceramic Society (HK),Hotel Stages

< 陶說 陶話 > POON FAI WONG Solo Exhibition,FO GUANG YUAN ART Gallery, HK

< HI!HOUSES >,  LAW UK Folk Museum, HK


 < The 6th Taiwan International Gold Teapot Prizes>, Taiwan


< Through Art, We Grow > ,, The Gallery of Hong Kong Art School, HongKong


 <Fine art Asia 2014>, Hong Kong Art School, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

< GRACE > Exhibition at Mur Nomade Gallery, Hong Kong


< Japan-Hong Kong-Macao Young Artists Exchange Exhibition >, Kyoueigama Gallery, Japan & Macau Sky & Earth Ceramic Association Organizer: Macau Polytechnic Institute


< DIALOGUE> , LAVIN PARIS in collaboration, Hong Kong Arts Centre and Pubic Art HK


< Tabula Rasa> , Exhibition at G17 Gallery, Macau


 < The Second Guangdong Contemporary Ceramics Art Exhibition>, University City Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China


< Travelling Exhibition of Emerging Artists from the Pearl River Delta>, Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China


< Footnote> – BAFA Graduation Exhibition, Hong Kong Art School, Pao Galleries, Hong Kong

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