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Poon Fai Wong, Nick (1984 - )

A ceramic artist, obsessed with creation, active in local and foreign ceramic

exhibitions. Art works collection by Hong Kong Heritage Museum and personal.


2008-2010 Hong Kong Art School, Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art (Ceramics)

2006-2008 Hong Kong Art School, Higher Diploma in Fine Art (Ceramics)



<The Collectible Art Fair>,  PAO Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong

< Memory & Dialogue>, Group exhibition  Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre


<同你有親>,  Art home Gallery, Hong kong

2019 :

<Intimacy in the Distance>, PAO Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre, HK

<Stream>, The Gallery by SOIL, Hong Kong

 < PH7 >, Harbour Art Fair, Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel,Hong Kong

< Our Stories, Memories in Clay >, St James, Hong Kong

2018 :


< Claylaboration – Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition >, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Hong Kong

< The 3rd Guangdong Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition>, University City Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China


< Secret Garden >, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, HK

2017 :


< Deep Silence > , PAO Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre, HK

< Encounter > , Exhibition of the Contemporary Ceramic Society (HK),Hotel Stages


< 陶說 陶話 > POON FAI WONG Solo Exhibition,FO GUANG YUAN ART Gallery, HK


< HI!HOUSES >,  LAW UK Folk Museum, HK

2016 :

 < The 6th Taiwan International Gold Teapot Prizes>, Taiwan

2015 :


< Through Art, We Grow > ,, The Gallery of Hong Kong Art School, HongKong


2014 :


 <Fine art Asia 2014>, Hong Kong Art School, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

< GRACE > Exhibition at Mur Nomade Gallery, Hong Kong

2013 :


< Japan-Hong Kong-Macao Young Artists Exchange Exhibition >, Kyoueigama Gallery, Japan & Macau Sky & Earth Ceramic Association Organizer: Macau Polytechnic Institute


< DIALOGUE> , LAVIN PARIS in collaboration, Hong Kong Arts Centre and Pubic Art HK


< Tabula Rasa> , Exhibition at G17 Gallery, Macau

2012 :


 < The Second Guangdong Contemporary Ceramics Art Exhibition>, University City Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China

2011 :


< Travelling Exhibition of Emerging Artists from the Pearl River Delta>, Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China

 < Footnote> – BAFA Graduation Exhibition, Hong Kong Art School, Pao Galleries, Hong Kong

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