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People in the City I

Haunted by the void within, they feel soulless and weightless, like empty containers.
Sometimes they yearn to communicate like conductors, only to realize their disparate inner worlds.
This is my city, where breathing is on the verge of being lost and bodies are upheld to avoid final collapse.

城市的人 I





Artworks mostly consist of flower vessels, with some having straight and others twisted forms. Among them, the fuller and upright pieces exhibit vibrant colors, embodying the qualities of masculinity. On the other hand, the more contorted and graceful pieces feature intense colors, reflecting the gentleness and beauty associated with femininity.

The artist attempts to create thin and delicate pottery, contemplating the fragility of the human body and exploring the extent to which it can serve as a vessel for the soul. He also tries to of distort his sculptures while maintaining their functionality.




Art serves as a tool for Nick Poon to clarify his own identity, explore the world, and connect with others. The artist wishes to use clay, a material born from nature, as a medium. Through the tactile experience of working with clay and employing various pottery techniques, he combines his personal experiences to delve into the relationship between the human spirit and body. He aims to start from within himself and extend outward, extracting reflections on the human psyche, the human body, social and cultural aspects, and even the world as a whole.

藝術是潘輝煌釐清自我,探索世界,與人連繫的工具。 他希望以生於自然的陶泥作為媒介,通過人與泥的接觸,並以不同的作陶技法配合創作,結合自身的境遇,窺探人的心靈與肉體之間的關係。 他期望以自身出發,並向外延伸,萃取出對人心、對人體、對社會文化、以至對世界的省思。

People in city II

 The collection reveals the connection between the human body and emotions, linked through ceramic artworks. As ceramics evoke and transmit these connections, they ignite a unique spark of life. This series lead use question how we measure the weight of life in the city. When the soul and body are intertwined, the body bears the burden. When the soul disappears, although the body as a vessel becomes lighter, it loses its support, leaving it in a state of uncertainty.

城市的人 II

以這個作品為例,整個系列都能看出人體與情感,通過陶瓷作品連結起來,而兩者以陶瓷勾動傳導之際,便激發出不一樣的生命火花。 所以,本系列期望引領大家探討:人在城市,其生命的輕重之間,到底如何衡量呢?靈魂與身軀結合時,身體有了落腳點,同時又會不斷負重;但當靈魂消失,作為容器的身體雖然變輕了,但失去了支撐,又何去何從呢?

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